Month: May 2017

Monkey Cup Cakes


Concept cupcakes and muffins like monkey cupcakes or zebra cookies are hot favorite amongst kids. Be it a kids’ birthday party or a picnic at school, cupcakes and muffins with animal concept can be a certain show stealer. The whole idea of preparing such cakes and muffins is to bring a smile at your kid’s face. So get started to prepare delicious yet easy monkey cupcakes to raise a platoon of these edible monkey faces.

Ingredients required preparing monkey cupcakes

Here we have chocolate flavored cupcakes with chocolate icing that make for these delicious cupcakes. You can also use vanilla flavored cake as the base with chocolate icing. One would require the following ingredients-200 grams butter, 1 tsp baking powder, 200 grams sugar, 150 grams refined flour, 4 medium sized eggs, 50 grams cocoa powder and half cup milk. To prepare the icing one would require icing sugar pack and some commercial chocolate. Choose paper muffin cups which are neutral in color. For decoration you would require small and medium sized vanilla wafers and a candy writing tube and edible candy eyes.