Decoration procedure to get the monkey faces


Once the cupcakes are done, take them out of the oven and leave them for some time. When they are at room temperature, apply the chocolate icing on them with a knife. Keep the movements as smooth as possible. To prepare the chocolate icing, melt commercial chocolate on a double boiler so that it does not burn.

Now add the icing sugar and keep mixing. Turn off the heat now. Use this chocolate icing to cover the tops of the cup cakes so that it becomes the base of the monkey faces. Now take a medium sized vanilla waffle and place it in the center of the cupcake to form the face of the monkey. Place two more small sized vanilla waffles on either sides of the cupcake to form the ears of the money.

Finally, put the candy eyes where they are supposed to be. One can also use a candy writing tube, preferably of black color to make a smile on the medium sized vanilla waffle to make the monkey cupcakes smile!